Friday, February 23, 2018

Creating a Woman Hiker First clay

I'm creating a bronze of a woman hiker. Today, I added the first clay to the armature.. The making of the armature I made out of wire, is going to featured in a new Instructional DVD and Streaming video, showing how to make Wire Armatures for several different projects. Human and Animals. That Instructional DVD is in Production now. Keep an eye out for it, in the near future.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Continuing the Video of the Instructional DVD on Creating Armatures for ...

Started an armature for a 16 inch tall figure today. It's part of a commission I'm working on. I figure as long as i'm making this armature, I might as well do an Instructional DVD where I share my knowledge gained from over 50 years of making armatures. So for you, this is merely a short tease of my Video on Making Armatures for Clay Sculpting. I finally got my other Canon camera fixed so now I can offer two views of me working... a few years ago, the one camera stopped locking in my memory card... I took it to a Camera Repair place and they sent it out to get an estimate on getting it fixed. It was almost as much as buying a new camera. So I just had the camera in my Van all this time. Well the other day.. I thought why not get it looked at again.. and this time the camera guy saw that there were a couple of small pieces of plastic from a memory card in the bottom of the slot that holds the memory card.. He removed the pieces.. I got a new Memory Card and now it's working again.. I'm so happy to be able to give my viewers a second viewing point in my videos.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Beginning an Instructional DVD on Creating Armatures for Sculpting

I get countless requests for where to buy ready made human armatures. Well the one source I had has dried up. So I've decided to show how to make wire armatures for creating clays. This will be a new Instructional DVD on which I'll include making and plotting out armatures for human, and some animal armatures.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Beginning a Commission

A friend of mine asked me to do a portrait of a friend of theirs in clay. The figure has to be 18 inches tall all together.. The figure is to be 16 inches tall.. It's a surprise so I can't put the video up on YouTube for fear that person would see it. So I'll be not making videos for a couple of weeks while I work on it. Well that's how it is as of today.. That may change.. so don't leave me.. haha

Monday, January 22, 2018

The Viking Instructional DVD Finishing Touches Today

October 5th 2017 I started the Instructional DVD on creating a Viking. Today I put the finishing touches on the Viking, just over 3 months after starting this figure. I will now set the clay aside till I decide whether to cast him in bronze of in Resin. Now I start editing 123 videos I've shot since I started this piece. Stay tuned.. I'll let you all know when the DVD will be available for purchase.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Viking Instructional DVD Details and more Details

Details, details, and more details. Finishing up a clay takes patience and a lot of time. This is a culmination of a full week of working on the clay of the Norseman... The base, the Battle Ax, the robe, and his hair. I still have plenty of detailing ahead of me.

Monday, January 1, 2018

The Viking Instructional DVD - Creating a Dragon for the Base

Tackled the Base Design today. I wanted a Dragon on the front of the base.. I searched on Google till I found a drawing of one that a Viking would have carved. I showed the complete video today. There were no trade secrets.. just me learning how. I still have fine tuning on this feature.. but now there are just a few more things to da and the clay of the Viking will be Done for now..