Sunday, September 17, 2017

Happy Sunday Sept 17 2017

After months of Forest Fires to our west and south, we had a snow storm in the mountains and rain and sleet... in the valley. Today the Mountains are clear for the first time in months.. Haven't been able to see them for quite a while

Monday, September 11, 2017

Starting A Figure of a Viking

After 2 weeks of just recouping and recharging, I am now starting an Instructional DVD on Creating A Full Figure Of A Viking. In February 2013, I created a bust, while demonstrating one of Chavant's clays. I'm planning on incorporating this bust into this full figure. Of course that might change as I get into creating this figure.

Friday, September 1, 2017


By David Lemon
Edition of 40
13 1/4 Inches tall 8 Inches at it's widest
(without wood base)

Pre-Cast Price $1,750

A departure from my Western Themes. I created this piece as an Instructional DVD, that you can purchase from the list on the top of the right column. 
Viking or also known as Norsemen, are the group of people who spoke what is now called the Old Norse language between the 8th and 11th centuries. The language belongs to the North Germanic branch of the Indo-European languages, and is the earlier form of modern Scandinavian languages. Norseman means "man from the North" and applied primarily to Old Norse-speaking tribes living in southern and central Scandinavia. In history, "Norse" or "Norseman" could be any person from Scandinavia, even though Norway, Denmark and Sweden were different sets of people by the Middle Ages. The Norse Scandinavians established states and settlements in England, Scotland, Iceland, Wales, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Ireland, Russia, Greenland, France, Belgium, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, and Canada[1][2] as well as southern Italy.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Coloring the Bust of the Viking, Watching a Bronze Pour, and Final Touch...

I went to Northwest ArtCasting today in Bozeman Montana.. I had two things I had to do today there. The first copy of my Viking was in Bronze, and we were going to color the first copy of it today. We did .. and I love the way it turned out. "Approaching Storm" is still in clay, and I had a few things to tweak on it before they started to make the mold of it tomorrow. There was a Bronze pour while I was there and just had to video it. So I did.

Monday, August 28, 2017

I've Produced Reviews of the 9 Instructional DVDs I have to offer for Sale

I decided to make video reviews of each of my 9 Instructional DVDs so people can see a brief review on each in 3 to almost 6 minutes each.
You can purchase any or all of these Instructional Videos on DVD or Online, through a private link to YouTube, by going to the top right of the right column and clicking on one of the drop down menus..

Review of them New Video on CREATING A HORSE FROM SCRATCH and My Instructional
Videos now offered online and on DVD

Review of my Instructional DVD CREATING THE PLAINS WARRIOR
Below is a Review of my Instructional DVD, CREATING A BUST OF A VIKING

Below is a Review of my Instructional DVD, CREATING A FULL HORSE AND RIDER

Below is a Review of my Instructional DVD, CREATING A LIFE SIZE PORTRAIT

Below is a Review of my Instructional DVD, CREATING A FULL FIGURE OF A MOUNTAIN MAN

Below is a Review of my Instructional DVD, CREATING SWEETGRASS, CLAY TO BRONZE

Below is a Review of my Instructional DVD, CREATING A FEMALE HOLDING A BABY

Below is a Review of my Instructional DVD, CREATING A HORSES HEAD IN CLAY

My Instructional Videos on DVD and Digital Review of them New Video on...

I now have the Instructional Video of "Creating a Horse from Scratch" completed on both DVDs and on Online Access. I've uploaded all my 9 instructional Videos onto Youtube, and marked them as Private so only people with permission can view them online. I also show a preview of my new 2 part Instructional video on Creating a Horse, and explain how to purchase it in bot 2 DVDs and in Two Private Videos on Youtube.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Just a Short Update

Just a short update on what's going on. I need to go to the foundry Monday or Tuesday to make some needed adjustments on "Approaching Storm" before they start the mold. This is not uncommon. I just finished my new Instructional DVDs.. and I'll be putting them up for sale this coming week. I'll fill you in on that when I'm set up.